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A Unique NY Experience: The 120 Years Old Russian and Turkish Baths

Operating since 1892, the over 120 years old Russian and Turkish Baths is a unique NY experience, an

institution, an authentic no-nonsense, no-frills bath house located in the East Village. If you have never

been to a Turkish bath, this is your opportunity to enjoy the experience without leaving New York.

TR bath 3

The crowd is diverse with hipsters, college students, preps, and a few late 30s early 40s thrown in. The

primeval appearance is charming. The cleanliness is average, but the communal atmosphere and facility

is what makes the venue stand out, including the surprisingly delicious Russian-themed café, a roof-top

sundeck during the warmer seasons and combining the ideas of social saunas with semi-private

treatments for an overall detoxifying experience.

TR bath 5

You enter through the second floor of the building and are greeted by the receptionist who assists you

with your locker.  After receiving a towel you will proceed to the rather old school locker room to

change into your bathing suit (you must be covered during co-ed hours at the Baths; bringing own

bathing suit is recommended).

Three hot saunas, two warm steam rooms, a cold plunge and the partitioned massage “treatment

rooms” are located downstairs.  The authentic Russian sauna is made of 20-tons of granite that is heated

overnight to provide for truly hot temperatures. The Baths include a Finnish cherry-wood sauna and an

aromatic steam room.

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The unique massage experience entails application of massage oil liberally all over your body. You will

cool down with a water douse followed by a thorough scrub treatment.

The white-tiled Turkish room is built true to the design of past centuries. Here the vital ingredient is the

right amount of humidity, with a touch of steam, in combination with just the right amount of radiating

heat from the marble walls which surround you while you are practically hot air bathing with eucalyptus

or lavender bliss to a thorough cleansing. Stand under the ice cold shower in the room for a revitalizing,

restorative, and refreshing treat, or choose a Lavish Soap Wash Treatment for an extra indulgence.

The Hammam Area is a swirling blend of heat peeking through from the Turkish Room, Aromatherapy

Steam Room, and Dry Finnish Sauna.

TR bath 2

HOURS—  Open 365 Days A Year

​Monday 12PM to 10PM — Coed

Tuesday 12PM to 10PM — Coed

Wednesday 10AM to 2PM — Women only; 2PM to 10PM-Coed

Thursday 12PM to 5PM — Men only; 5PM to 10PM — Coed

Friday 12PM to 10PM — Coed

Saturday 9AM to 10PM — Coed

Sunday 8AM to 2PM — Men only; 2PM to 10PM — Coed



One Day Admission $35

3 Month Membership $550

Group prices: 5 visitors $135; 7 visitors $180; 10 visitors $250

The Baths provide robes, towels, shorts, slippers, and lockers with locks. You can bring your own bathing

suit and flip flops. The Baths is located at 268 E. 10th Street. Take the “L” subway from 14th Street to 1st


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