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TURKOFAMERICA has brought together in New York Prince Bayazıd, the Head of the Ottoman Dynasty, Prince Cengiz Nazım, the son of the grandchild of the Sultan Mehmed V, Princess Nejla Chawky, the great-granddaughter of Sultan Abdülmecid and Mediha Nami de Martinez, the great-granddaughter of Sultan Abdülhamid II. All the members of the Ottoman Royal Family, which for 622 years had ruled an Empire that had once spanned three continents, were sent into exile on 3 March 1924 as the Ottoman caliphate was abolished. Each member of the dynasty was given a ‘one-way’ passport out of Turkey and two thousand English pounds; their wealth was confiscated. The exile was to last 28 years for the women of the Ottoman dynasty, and 50 years for the men.

In March of 1924 in Turkey, there was a total of 144 Ottomans, consisting of 36 men, 48 women, and 60 children, and 140 of these 144 royals were no longer in Turkey by the evening of March 15th. The last Ottoman royal to leave Turkey was Princess Fatma, the daughter of Sultan Murad V. When the law for exile was passed, she was in bed with measles, so she was permitted to stay in Turkey until she recovered. Then Princess Fatma left for Vienna by train along with her three children. With her departure, the exile of the Ottoman royals was completed.

Members of the Ottoman Dynasty are still living in about ten different countries around the world, including France, England, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, and the USA. There are still 25 Princes (princes), 16 Sultans, 23 Sultanzades (sons of Ottoman Princesses), and 13 Hanım Sultans (daughters of Ottoman Princesses) alive today.

Source: Turk of America
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