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Public School 6 (PS6)

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Purposes and goals of TWLA's (Turkish Women's League of America) Ataturk School program:

The core mission of the Ataturk School is to provide education and enlightenment according to principals and vision of modern Turkey's founder Ataturk. The Ataturk School's main goal is to teach Turkish language, Turkish culture, traditions, national and religious holidays, theatre, history, music and folk dances.The increase in the number of Turkish families in metropolitan New York and the growing strength of the Turkish Women's League of America with its commitment to respond to the interests and educational and cultural needs of the community have led to increased activities of the Ataturk School. The Turkish Women's League of America hopes that it will continue to develop over the years with strong enthusiasm and support from the Turkish-American community, ultimately being a source of pride and influence in the lives of the children who attend the school.


The realization of these objectives depends on a sound curriculum developed by the Turkish Ministry for Education, and on continual program evaluation by the Ataturk School Executive Committee and the Turkish Women's League of America's Board of Directors.

The general purposes of the Ataturk School come from the background, social structure, goals, and aspirations of the members of the Turkish-American community, from their motivations and ideals for themselves and for their children. Previous school experience, a survey of parents and students, and numerous discussions show that the basic needs of the school-age children are:

  • improving their oral and written Turkish language skills,

  • improving their pronunciation and understanding of the Turkish language,

  • achieving necessary skill levels for fluent communication in Turkish, and

  • learning about Turkey, its history, people, government, issues, culture and music.


Considering the needs and aspirations of the Turkish-American community, the objectives of the Ataturk School are for students to:

  • learn the Turkish language at three levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced - emphasizing the whole range of communication skills, speaking,writing, reading and comprehension;

  • learn the history of Turkey, its government, geography and people at a level equivalent to elementary/middle school education in Turkey;

  • learn the basics of Turkish music and, if possible folk dances and thus develop an appreciation of them;

  • experience the basics of Turkish culture, tradition, morals and customs;that they are part of a very diverse community with strong historical bonds based on common values and culture, rather than on race or religion.


Languages in which instructors are proficient:
Turkish, English


Educational backgrounds and credentials of instructors:
All teachers must be certified by the Turkish Ministry of Education.




Program funding:

Support comes from the Turkish Women's League of America (TWLA or ATKB - Turkish) and from tuitions.